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Become A BSOTK Contributing Partner

Tier One

Becoming a BSOTK Tier One Contributing Partner affords you these benefits:
• Get acces to exclusive show content
• Get BSOTK swag (stickers, shirts, etc.)
• On-air honourable mentions, promos and thank you's
• Get a chance to appear on the show with Tony and Dennis!

Visit the BSOTK Patreon Page for details and to make contributions.

Tier Two

Get youre Name / Company / Brand seen and heard by hundreds of drummers, musicians, and music industry professionals with every episode of Both Sides Of The Kit

Becoming a BSOTK Tier Two Contributing Partner affords you these benfits:
• Prominently placed 200x200px banner graphic, with clickable link to your website, on every page of the BSOTK website
• Audio tag at the beginning of each BSOTK episode, ie. "Both Sides Of The Kit is brought to you in part by… "Contributing Partner(s') Name Here"
• BSOTK Contributing Partners will be mentioned and thanked by the show personalities before the Music Feature in every BSOTK episode
• Your logo will be stickered on one face of our four-sided mic flags
• Your logo will be stickered on the BSOTK Banner
• Additional custom web and broadcast promotions can be negotiated, ie. product give-aways, contests, episode segment features, etc.
Contact for more information on how to become a BSOTK Tier Two Contributing Partner!

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